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Taking responsibility for your health

This website offers both medical and Islamic advice on how to look after your health if you have diabetes. The Quran reminds us that our bodies are an amanah, a trust from Allah, and so we have a duty to take care of our health.

It is important to take responsibility for your health, listening to the information that GPs and nurses provide about medicine, diet, exercise and lifestyle. Working in partnership with Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust we have provided information from medical staff as well as from respected imams and scholars.

Living With Diabetes

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Diet is one of the most important factors in controlling diabetes. Not eating correctly can mean that you have less energy and are not able to lead a normal life. Poor diet can also lead to other complications such as eye problems and strokes read more...

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Exercise is extremely important when trying to manage your diabetes. Read how the prophet used to exercise regularly and what to do if you are a Muslim woman who has questions about swimming read more...



This month of fasting is a good time to make changes in your diet, in fact what you eat before and after your fast can have a huge impact on your health and how your are affected by diabetes read more...