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About Maslaha

Maslaha is a new organisation being established by the Young Foundation. It aims to help Muslims deal with the everyday dilemmas of living in a western society. Maslaha translates from Arabic as ‘for the common good' and the organisation will be built around an interactive website.

Maslaha, in partnership with Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust, has provided medical and Islamic information about how to lead a healthier life if you have diabetes.

We have provided advice on how to maintain a healthy diet during Ramadan and the rest of the year, including recipes. There is also useful information about community centres who offer free exercise sessions for both men and women.

The information is also available through our videos in English and Sylheti.

We would like to give special thanks to Dr Usama Hasan and Dr Musharraf Hussain for their input into the Islamic content.

For more information about Maslaha and the Young Foundation please visit our website or contact Raheel Mohammed at raheel.mohammed(AT) or 020 8980 6263.