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Exercise & Lifestyle

Exercise is extremely important but if you do have diabetes it is important to check with your doctor or nurse that it is the right kind of exercise for you.

The Prophet (pbuh) regarded exercise as an important part of life and encouraged veryone to learn archery and swimming.  He was also fond of racing against his wife Aisha into his late 50's whilst she was in her late teens, a good example of how fit he was. 

Taking exercise can give you more energy so that you can spend more time with your family, friends, or going to the mosque.

Exercising for even 10 minutes can be good for you and there are good examples of community centres which provide free sessions in our NEXT STEPS section.

Good ways to start exercising gently:

  • Walk to the shops rather than taking the bus
  • Leave the car at home for small trips and go for a walk
  • Get off the bus or train one or two stops earlier and walk the rest of the way
  • Instead of sitting at your desk in your lunch break go out and take a walk
  • Use the stairs instead of taking the lift
The importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle

Some patients have asked whether lifeguards for swimming lessons for women should be Muslim.

Our scholar, Dr Usama Hasan, believes they don't have to be Muslim.  The scriptural basis for this is the long verse of Surah al-Nur (Light, 24:31) that lists people in front of whom Muslim women can uncover, and this includes "their women" which can mean Muslim women or women of their community generally.  In either interpretation, the condition of decency (or "chastity") is assumed.

The important conditions are that they should be qualified professionals, and that includes decency, i.e. they won't be around describing the bodies of the women they see to others, let alone take unauthorised photographs, etc.